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PSA Southern California Chapter


     About the Southern California Roundup Chapter of PSA

​​​​Chapter Vision & Objectives

The Southern California Roundup Chapter of PSA offers services and activities for the benefit of area members that promote the mission of PSA and serve and support area members by developing a strong sense of community including:

• holding an annual two-day to three-day educational and inspirational Photography Event in various locations around Southern California based on the PSA membership growth and photo opportunities available in that location at that time. These events are free or at a greatly reduced rate for all PSA members,

• sharing the photography activities and accomplishments (e.g., publication of photographs, holding of a gallery show, leading a photography workshop or tour, providing photography service to a community group, receiving a photography award, providing image evaluation service) of area members via the
Chapter Facebook page to demonstrate the variety of photography interests of PSA members,

• maintaining a comprehensive Chapter web site as a viable reference for area members,

• posting
News Items regarding PSA and area member’s PSA positions and activities on the web site homepage,

• encouraging area PSA members to create an individual PSA Member Gallery or ROPA Gallery on the PSA web site that will be linked on the Chapter web site as a way for area members to get to know other area members,

• identifying and requesting
Blogs regarding photo adventures from area PSA members and posting them on the Chapter web site to share,

• entering the
PSA Chapters Showcase and post the results on the Chapter web site, and

• providing outreach to all Southwest Area PSA members to help them feel a part of the Southern California Roundup Chapter and take advantage of the Roundup Chapter services and activities.

The Southern California Roundup Chapter of PSA (known as the SoCal Chapter or the "Roundup") is a local branch of the Society that was organized under the Society's Bylaws in 1955.  The Southern California Roundup Chapter received its PSA charter in 1991 at the PSA Annual Conference held in San Antonio, Texas. The Southern California Roundup Chapter received a certificate recognizing its 25 Year Charter Anniversary (1991-2016) at the 2016 annual PSA Conference in San Antonio, TX.

All Chapters adhere to the PSA Chapter By-Laws (updated September 2016) which contain information regarding: purposes; membership; meetings; election of Officers; Executive Committee; Committees; websites, newsletters, & social media; fiscal regulations; and authority. Chapters also follow the PSA Chapter Financial System Outline (updated January 2016).

There are no Chapters outside the USA because of the legalities of establishing branches of PSA outside of the USA.

Southern California Roundup Chapter of PSA

The Photographic Society of America (PSA) is a worldwide organization for anyone with an interest in photography.  Founded in 1934, the Society is for casual shutterbugs, serious amateurs, and professional photographers.  PSA, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, offers members a wide variety of photography-related services and activities.                                      

Individual Chapters of PSA were organized under the Society's Bylaws in 1955. Since 1955, forty Chapters have received a PSA charter and, over the years, the number of active Chapters has varied. In 1968, there were only seven active Chapters: Chicago, Connecticut, Cosmopolitan (NYC), Hawaii, Pittsburgh, Tri-State (Ohio), and Western Michigan. In 1993, there were 18 active Chapters. The Chicago Chapter received its charter in 1955 and is the oldest active PSA Chapter. The Arizona Chapter received its charter in 2017 and is the newest PSA Chapter.