"Passau Courtyard and Alley" by Thomas Rappath

"Lake Alexandria Sunset" by Witta Priester

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"Wee Willy" by Hutch Hutchison

PSA Southern California Chapter


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For many years the PSA Chapters provided a quarterly print exhibition at PSA Headquarters – one Chapter each quarter. With few people able to see these prints, in 2010 the PSA Chapters began providing a quarterly digital exhibition on the PSA web site for many to see. Following a pre-determined schedule, one Chapter submitted fifteen digital images from fifteen different Chapter members to the online PSA Chapters Gallery each quarter. In 2015 each Chapter could submit fifteen digital images from fifteen different Chapter members as their Chapter's Gallery. Each Chapter may update their gallery two or three times a year:  all PSA Chapter Galleries and the current PSA Southern California Roundup Chapter's Gallery.

Images from the current PSA Southern California Roundup Chapter's Gallery: