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I feel truly blessed to have been able to go to Alaska and see the amazing Brown Bears. Their strength, beauty and grace far exceeded my expectations. To be able to be a part of the exciting story of Holly adopting a yearling and giving him a chance at life, as well as knowing Divot is healing brings an incredible amount of joy to my heart.

The bear with snare around her neck also returned to Brooks Camp and a rescue mission was accomplished to remove the snare. Her name is Divot and she and her yearling cub are thriving and getting quite fat in preparation for winter. The investigation into where she picked up the snare is ongoing and I was pleased to be able to share the location of our sighting down river with the rangers. 

Holly with Cubs

Adopted Yearling

When I returned from my trip I shared some photos with Ranger Jeanne Royon the explore.org site to show which bears I had seen at Margot Creek. One photo was of interest to her and she asked if I had more. After sharing the photos with other Rangers, they determined that the blonde female was a bear named Holly who had recently left Brooks Camp with her spring cub. The larger cub I had seen her with was an abandoned yearling that had disappeared from the area after being left alone by his mother. The rangers had never seen an adoption in Katmai so they scheduled a trip to Margot Creek to look for them. Unfortunately, they were not found and the only thing to do was wait and hope they returned to Brooks Camp for the salmon die off. On August 5th the rangers announced that Holly had returned and still had both cubs with her. Several days later she was seen nursing both her cub and the yearling and it was determined to be a full adoption. 

One day was spent boating down the Naknek River to Big Creek. Along the way I saw a mother bear with a wolf snare around her neck. She had a yearling cub with her. Despite the snare, she caught several fish and fed a few to her cub who gobbled them down greedily. 


7/19/2014 – Tina Crowe - I attended an Alaska Brown Bear photo tour led by Dan Holmes and Ed Pinsky. We spent 7 days at the Naknek River Camp in King Salmon, Alaska in cabins with scenic views. The cabins were rustic but had running water, power and heat. The view from the front porch was amazing and the home cooked meals were very good. I would most definitely stay there again. Each day we would board the boat to different locations in Katmai National Park.

Divot with Cub

Bear with Mullet