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6/2-6/19/2016 - James Wat - The fishermen of WuChuan China are restricted by fishing seasons. All prepared, excited, they sail out at break of dawn to place their nets.  But most of the time a hard days work may harvest by return of small fishes ....

2/25/2016 – Ken Cordas - Founded in 1787, the La Purisima Mission land holdings once covered nearly 470 square miles. The land was home to the Chumash people and Spanish settlers. The mission was best known for its hides and blankets, and at its peak inhabitants herded as many as 24,000 cattle and sheep ....

9/26/2016 - Jeanne Scott - New York City abounds in photo opportunities, and I am especially fond of photographing it from sunset on, when darkening skies and the city’s lights add so much drama to buildings, streets, rivers and bridges.  Thus far, my favorite perspective is from the marvelous Brooklyn Bridge Park ....

9/10-9/17/2016 - Ken Cordas - I planned to spend time exploring and photographing the famous San Antonio Riverwalk during the 2016 PSA Conference held in San Antonio, TX. The Riverwalk water taxi proved to be an easy way to get from the Conference hotel to outdoor patio dining, The Alamo, and other points ....

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