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Southern California Roundup Chapter of PSA


Stuart Lynn, APSA, Palm 
Springs, CA has received 
PSA ROPA Qualified 
Distinction: QPSA

Peter Scifres, Westlake 
Village, CA, has received
PSA Portfolio Bronze 
Distinction: BPSA

2019 Coachella Exhibition:
PID Color, PID Mono, Nature,
PJD (two sections each)
Closing March 11, 2019

Nan Carder, APSA, MPSA
awarded “Artist” FIAP (AFIAP)
Presentation September 28,
PAA Meeting in Spokane, WA
Godfrey Wong, GMPSA,
Arcadia, CA, has 
received PSA Travel 
Division Galaxy 1

Terry Dickerson, Rosamond, 
CA has received 
Proficiency Distinction: 

Registration 0pens April 1
for the 2019 PSA Conference
September 22-28
Spokane, Washington

Older News

Call for Images: 2019
Chapter Showcase Entry, 
Information, Send Images 
to the 
Chapter Chair

Shadi Sayes awarded the
Chapter Service Award at 
2019 Chapter Event (received
by Kyle Deeley-Hargrave)

Nan Carder, APSA, MPSA2,
Lancaster, CA, has 
 article & cover in
September PSA Journal

Nan Carder, APSA, Lancaster, 
CA, has received PSA ROPA
Proficiency Distinction:

Peter Scifres, Westlake
Village, CA, "Photographing
Under Night the Sky
" cover article, April 2019 PSA Journal

Godfrey Wong, GMPSA
awarded “Artist” FIAP (AFIAP)
Presentation September 28,
PAA Meeting in Spokane, WA