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A Chapter can establish Special Committees and the Southern California Roundup Chapter has established an Event Committee. Each year, approximately six months prior to the Chapter's annual Event, members are asked to be responsible for specific tasks that need to be accomplished for a successful event.  Some members continue in the same role for multiple years.

​​Event Photographer:
Jack Schim

​About Jack Schim

Event Email Notifications,
   Online Registration:

Stuart Lynn, APSA

About Stuart Lynn

Event Speaker Support:
Christine Pence

About Christine Pence

     Southern California Roundup Chapter of PSA Event Committee

Event Drawing Item Procurement:
Christine Pence

Christine Pence

Equipment Set-up:
Jeanne Scott

About Jeanne Scott

Event Drawing Item Distribution:

Joan Harris

Southern California Roundup Chapter of PSA


​​​​​​​Event Registration Table:
Deborah Seibly

About ​Deborah Seibly

Lunch Purchase Coordinator:
Jeanne Scott

About Jeanne Scott