Photos of the March 9 - March 11 Chapter Photography Event by 

Jack Schim and Charles Needle with Joan Harris, Hutch Hutchison, Joyce Mate,

Joanne Stolte, Barbara Swanson, James Wat, Larry White, & Sandy Zelasko.​​​

The Chapter will hold an exciting photography event on Saturday March 16, 2019, at the Arlington Library, Riverside, CA, with Friday & Sunday  photo opps:  studio model shoots, UCR Botanic Garden, recycled-material sculpture garden, Mission Inn, UC Photography Museum, Iron Horse Steampunk gala  


Hutch Hutchison wrote
"Photographing Air Shows"
the cover article of the
April 2018 PSA Journal


Southern California Roundup Chapter of PSA


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Godfrey Wong, Arcadia, CA,
has received 
Grand Master Distinction:

Notes and photos from area PSA members describing their photo adventures.
John Andrew Hughes, Las
Vegas, NV, has received
PSA ROPA Qualified 
Distinction: QPSA

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CA has received PSA ROPA
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2018 S4C Exhibition Open
PID Color, PID Mono, 
Nature, Photojournalism
(two sections each)
Registration is open
2018 PSA Conference
Salt Lake City, UT
Sept 30 - October 6


Annual Event

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Donna Judd wrote article
Appreciating the Quiet 
Moments on a Photo Tour
April 2018 PSA Journal

Shirl Airov-Bieling Lancaster,
CA has received PSA ROPA
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