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Southern California Roundup Chapter of PSA


August  Area New Members
their city, and their 
Referring Members are 
Art Wolf all-day Seminar 
"Photography as Art"
Sunday, September 18, 
Long Beach, CA

Notes and photos from area PSA members describing their photo adventures.
Donna Judd of Fullerton, CA
has an article "From the Air"
in the September issue of
the 2016 PSA Journal

Robert Ginn of Arroyo Grande, 
CA received an 
APSA at 
the 2016 PSA Conference
Honors and Awards Banquet


Joanne Stolte, FPSA, MPSA,
Glendora, CA received PSA
Diamond Membership Star

for referring 300 members

Joanne Stolte, FPSA, MPSA
awarded Honorary Fellow of
PSA China (HonFPSAChina)
following Tekesi Judging

Annual Event

Stuart Lynn, APSA, of
Palm Springs, CA, has been
appointed to the PSA
Ethics Review Board

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Photos of the February 5-6, 2016 Chapter Photography Event by 
Hutch Hutchison, Ken Cordas, Carl Morrison, Lori Norman, & Joanne Stolte.


The Chapter will hold an exciting photography
event on Saturday, April 1, 2017, at the Hampton 
Inn, Camarillo, CA, with Friday photo shoots
including: Hummingbirds & Ventura Marina.
John Andrew Hughesof Las
Vegas, NV received an APSA
at the PSA Conference
Honors & Awards Banquet



Nan Carder, APSA, MPSA,
Lancaster, CA is the new
PSA Board Secretary &
on Executive Committee