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Muffler Reflection

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I had never been this end-of-summer block party and am happy to report that it is a great photo opportunity ... I plan to return next year.  Car engines fascinated me the most, but there were great detail shots of car grills, logos, and paint jobs.  There were also photojournalism possibilities as folks looked into the cars and children enjoyed slides and a dog run.

8/23/2014 - Joanne Stolte - Flashback is a fun evening in the Village of Glendora, held annually on the weekend before Labor Day to benefit scholarships and business improvement projects. This year was the 27th Flashback and vintage cars and trucks lined Glendora Avenue, as bands played, kids enjoyed a Fun Zone, and folks enjoyed the food and beverages. The cost was $12 for adults and $10 for seniors 55 and older. Two dollar discount coupons were available at the Chamber of Commerce and sponsoring merchants.

Car Graphic​