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Interior Spilled Blood Church -

St Petersburg

​​On a cruise you do not have to do everything the others are doing. In St Petersburg for the first evening of two I hired a car into the city. While most were dining on the ship, I went to Spilled Blood Church for the lights to be turned on at 10:30 pm. I spent the whole evening photographing this chapel at night. I was able to get unique photos as tours are in the daytime and there are hundreds of people. I believe that photographers can capture good photos while on a cruise!

7/19-8/21/2015 - James Wat - For years I travelled globally on business and had no opportunity to take photos. My retirement is allowing me to go back with my wife, capturing and sharing my memories. On July 19 we left LA for London and spent a week there before boarding a cruise ship at South Hampton. A 14-day Baltic Cruise took us to Bruges, Belgium; Berlin, Germany; Tallinn, Estonia; St. Petersburg, Russia; Helsinki, Finland; Stockholm, Sweden; Copenhagen, Denmark; and back to South Hampton. We went to Paris immediately after, making a side trip to Switzerland, and back to Paris before flying home.

Stockholm Town Square

Louvre Glass Pyrmaid - Paris

Modern Art at Versallis - Paris

House of Parliament Crowned by Ring of Light - London

From Top of Mt Titlis 10,000 ft - Switzerland

The beauty of a cruise is that you can bring as much photo gear as they wish. I brought four cameras, one tripod, two mini-pods, and over ten lenses. With hundreds of tourists pushing, there is no way to change lenses, so I plan ahead organizing each camera with a specific lens before leaving the cabin. Cruises have briefing meetings for the next day, with pictures and an outline the different local tours available. These briefings help in planning. Most importantly a cruise allows one not to worry about packing and unpacking or going in and out of hotels.

Spilled Blood Church - St Petersburg

King Peterhofs Palace - St Petersburg

Arch of Triumph at Dawn - Paris