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12/11/2014 - Diane Peck -  Music City, USA, Nashville, Tennessee!  While it is the state’s capital, it also has much more to offer.  What a lively and interesting place to visit.  Whether or not you are a country music fan, this city is very much worth a visit anytime of the year, but, Christmas time is special.  For history buffs, there is the Belle Meade Estate.  There is the Country Music Hall of Fame, and the very famous Ryman Theater, along with the Grand Old Opry.  One should visit the Gaylord Opryland Hotel, a city within a city and magnificently decorated during the Christmas season.  Some may be interested in The Johnny Cash Museum and/or the Willie Nelson Museum. 

Tootsie Orchid House Where It All Began

Betty Boots

Country Music Hall of Fame

The Ryman - Grand Old Opry

Nashville today still has a thriving night-life with performances by not only today’s bands, but bands of yesteryear. One may not realize that much of America’s music originated in Nashville, with country music writers and artists, and became popular in other genres, not only “country”.  Lastly there is the current ABC TV show, “Nashville”, filmed in Nashville at the Bluebird Café (although today they have re-created a TV set for the café), which has put Nashville back on the map! So, go, visit and enjoy what Nashville has to offer.

The Ryman Street View

The Gaylord Opryland Hotel

PSA Southern California Chapter


Scott Collier

The Broadway - Nashville