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4/11-19 2015 – David Somali-Chow – I really enjoy underwater photography. I got started on this adventure when I went snorkeling during a trip to Hawaii and was so enthralled with the beauty and photography opportunities that I took scuba lessons to learn to dive. On my next trip to Maui, I became “Open Water” certified. Over time I added “Advanced,” “Rescue,” and “Master Diver” certifications.

Giant Mantar Ray

I have been fortunate to take underwater photography trips to the Red Sea, the Galapagos Islands, Cocos Island of Costa Rica, and my most recent trip to the Banda Sea in the Maluku Islands off East Indonesia where these photos were taken. I encourage anyone with the slightest interest to give underwater photography a try!

Beautiful Sponge Coral of Banda

Taking Picture of Great Manta

School of Jack fish in Banda

Turtle in the deep Blue

Amazing UW Color of Banda

Sea Snake of Banda

PSA Southern California Chapter


Cuttlefish in Banda sea

Golden Sea Horse