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 Welcome A beautiful day break 

Treasure hunt for whats left

Harvest only with jelly fish

Everyone is back to a breezy evening

Final check 

The minutes evening glow is a plus tonight

6/2-6/19/2016 - James Wat - The fishermen of WuChuan China are restricted by fishing seasons. All prepared, excited, they sail out at break of dawn to place their nets.  But most of the time a hard days work may harvest by return of small fishes in both volume and size which neither is promising.  Average men and women off or on shore earn less than two USD a day.  But there are always huge and giant Jelly fish.  Fishermen bring them home as food and dry the surplus for wholesale in exchange for earning.  While visitors admire the unique gold, silver, and red burning beaches and sky, locals are more eager to earn the golden exchange for a living.  When the season is over, once again the boats are dry-docked.  WuChuan's fishermen in a loop await for the next season to arrive.

Return from a Hard Days work

Sail out all in good hope

All prepared for an early start