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Old Salt 3:  ON1 with the Black and White Filter and Digimagic preset

Old Salt 7:  Topaz Adjust filter with the Dusk preset

Each of the variations had various other ‘tweaks’ in contrast and lightening/darkening of selected areas. The filter or preset within the filter, the name for each image, was the dominant technique used.  I hope you’ll visit the web sites of the filters used if you don’t already have them. Most offer a free trial for you to experiment on your own. PSA members get discounts: OnOne 10% and Topaz 15%.  

Old Salt 2:  Nik Color Efex Pro with the Polaroid and Pastel filters

2/5/2016 - Gary Potts - What a wonderful Walkabout Photo Shoot many area PSA members enjoyed during the SoCal Chapter Event held February 5, 2016, at Huntington Beach, CA.  The first shoot had two pirates that were dressed perfectly and playing their parts to the fullest!  The light was harsh, but we all managed what I’m sure will be a fantastic collection of poses, compositions, and techniques.  To that end, this blog is to simply show one frame of the “Old Salt,” as I dubbed him, modified eight ways with software.  There’s always more than one way to see the world, so try new things, new techniques, and novel approaches to alter your photos and just plain have fun! There’s a brief description of what was done on each Old Salt image with it's title. 

Old Salt 1:  Processed from a RAW file with Levels, Curves adjustments, and sharpened

Old Salt 8:  Topaz Impressions with the Chiaroscuro preset

Old Salt 6:  ON1 with the Alternative Processes filter and Daguerreotype preset

Old Salt 4:  Topaz Impressions with the DaVinci Sketch preset

Old Salt 5:  Nik Silver Efex Pro with the Antique Plate 1 preset

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