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Southern California Roundup Chapter of PSA


John Andrew Hughes is PSA West Coast Area Membership Director:
California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, & Hawaii
PSA Gold Rush Chapter
Meeting December 7
Crown Plaza Sacramento
Susan Cowles, APSA, EPSA, is First Vice Chair of the Pictorial Print Division (PPD) and the PPD Conference Program Director
Yerba Buena Chapter,
Richard Martin, All-day Seminar, Saturday, June 13,
San Leandro, CA Library
2015 Coachella Exhibition:
PID Color, PID Mono, and
Nature (two sections each)
Closing February 21, 2015
Tom Griffithe, Anaheim, CA 
has an article "Romancing 
the Race Car
" in the 
July 2015 PSA Journal

Yerba Buena Chapter 
Fotoclave, Nov 7-9,
Hilton, Concord, CA 
Keynote: Tony Sweet​

2015 PSA Conference
West Yellowstone, MT
Online Registration
Open April 1

Stuart Lynn to Chair
PSA Progress Award
the PSA Conference
Tom Griffithe, Anaheim,
CA, has a 
article in the
August 2014 PSA Journal
Susan Cowles, APSA, EPSA,
has the 
Distinctive Image
article in the March 2015,
PSA Journal: Portraits
Jan Maguire, FPSA, MPSA, ​has Distinctive Image ​article in September, 2014 PSA Journal​
Larry Cowles, FPSA, GMPSA
is Secretary, PSA Journal
News Editor, and Judging
Service Director for the
Pictorial Print Division (PPD)
Nyla James, Arroya Grande, 
CA, is the
 PSA California 
State Membership Director

2015 PSA Conference,
September 27 - October 3
at the 
Holiday Inn,
​West Yellowstone, MT
Joanne Stolte, FPSA, MPSA
has been appointed to 
the PSA International
Understanding Through 
Photography (IUTP) Award
Donna Judd, Fullerton, CA, has a article on Tennis in 
the July 2014 PSA Journal
Gary Potts, MPSA, Las 
Vegas, NV, has earned 
 PID Color Galaxy 7,
a PID Mono Star 5,
and a 
Travel Star 5
2015 S4C Exhibition: PID
Color, PID Mono, Nature,
Travel, PJ (2 sections each),
Small Prints (four sections)​​​​

Susan Cowles, EPSA, & 
Stuart Lynn receive​ 
APSA at Conference ​Honors Banquet

Stephen Burns, Adobe
Community Professional,
instructor, & digital artist
will be the speaker for
Feb 21 Photo Event
Joanne Stolte, FPSA, MPSA
has been appointed to
 PSA Nominating Committee
Gary Potts, MPSA, Henderson, 
NV, has an article "Traditional, Open, or Creative?" in the August 2015 PSA Journal

   8/14 - 8/15 News

Meeting with Multiple 
Speakers August 23, 2015
Crowne Plaza Sacramento
Donna Judd of Fullerton, CA,
has an article 
"Colorful Cuba"
in the May PSA Journal​​
Witta Priester of Indio, CA,
has an article "Asperatus
Clouds Over New Zealand
in the June PSA Journal
Larry Cowles has earned Grand Master/bronze, one of the new PSA ROPA Distinctions
written: GMPSA/b
PSA Conference 2014
Sept 27 - Oct 3, 2014
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Larry Cowles, FPSA, GMPSAb,
of Corona, CA, has an article
How to Publish Your First
Photo Book
" in the June 
PSA Journal